Ultimate Studio XLR

Premium balanced symmetrical XLR pair, small-scale manufacture. More efficient removal of internal noise is provided by special twisting of four current-carrying oxygen-free copper conductors with cotton and Teflon threads placed between the hot and cold channnels. Foil shield along the entire span of the cable is used for protection against external noise. Outer cotton coating protects the cable from development of any static charge all along its span. Cable assembly is performed using the methods which does not allow the appearance of parasitic resonances in the soldering places. The wire disign used materials with a neutral resonance characteristic, which do not make artificial changes in the signal passing through the cable.

End XLR connectors are treated with special preservative at the final stage of assembly to reduce resistance at the point of contact and improve service life of natural gold coating of the connector.

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Specifications and description

Outer insulation:

PVC insulation, fully coated braided cotton thread

External wire color:

Standard length and options:

1.2 meters, optional 1.75 meters

Design features:

-4-conductor construction with braided shielded pairs for plus and minus channels, overall shield;

-used technology, developed by Nimed, which does not allow the appearance of parasitic resonances in the soldering places

Conductor and material:

4 stranded conductors of oxygen-free copper with a cross section of 0.34 mm ²

Shield and material:

the shield of each conductive pair, overall shield of foil (100% coverage), a filler of teflon and cotton thread


-XLR connector, Neutrik, Liechtenstein

Connectors material:

-Housing zinc alloy ZnAl4Cu1, Contacts- bronze CuSn8 (female), copper-zinc alloy CuZn39Pb3 (male);

-Contact group coverage 0.2 µm Au coating over 2 µm Ni

  Packing with Nimed round bag