Ultimate Studio Speaker WBT edition

Uncompromising speaker cable for use as part of music systems designed for the most realistic reproduction of audio material. The wire has two braided stranded conductors of oxygen-free copper with a section of 3.6 mm². External insulation is PVC, coated woven cotton thread, painted black with natural dyes. The materials of the cable conductor and secondary, but important, parts were developed and selected so as to exclude the resonance effect on the acoustic signal, to preserve the tonal and timbre balance in its natural, genuine form. In the production does not apply soldering and heating. Wire on both sides is equipped with WBT "Banana" connectors with a tight pressure spring. Gold coating on the connectors has good wear resistance characteristics. End connectors of the cable are treated with special preservative at the final stage of assembly to reduce resistance at the point of contact and improve service life of natural gold coating of the connector.

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Specifications and description

Outer insulation:

PVC insulation, fully coated braided cotton thread

External wire color:

Standard length and options:

standard length 2.5 / 3/ 4 meters, optionally available lengths up to 10 meters

Design features:

-twisted design with two conductors;

-not used soldering and heating

Conductor and material:

stranded conductor of oxygen-free copper with a section of 3.6 mm ²


Banana type connector, WBT Germany

Connectors material:

Signal conductor - massive, pure copper, gold plated, nickel-free, non-ferromagnetic

  Packing with Nimed round bag