Speaker Pro A mk2

Ultimate acoustic cable Speaker Pro A for acoustic interconnection offering maximum realistic reproduction of music material. The cable features two twisted multicore OFC conductors, cross-section: 3.5 mm². Outer insulation: cotton, dyed with black natural dyes. Main conductor material and composition of auxiliary yet critical components have been developed and designed to avoid any impact of alternating current on the acoustic signal and preserve the natural tonal balance.

The cable has been fitted with tight spring-loaded banana connectors at the both ends. Gold plating provides good wear resistance of connectors and reduce resistance at the point of contact.

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Specifications and description

Standart length: 2.5 m. The color of cotton braid: black

Optionally available folowing cable length in meters: 3.0 \ 3.5 \ 4.0 \ 5.0

Recommended lengths for better result : from 3.0 to 5.0 m.