Speaker Pro A mk2 Bi-Wiring

Speaker Pro A Bi-Wiring cable for wiring acoustic devices to amplifier unit, designed as Bi/Tri- wiring in addition to Speaker Pro A mk2. The cable may be referred to as a tweeter-cable for its reduced cross-section (2.5 mm²) of the multicore OFC conductor in comparison to the standard model. Recommended to use together with standard cross-section cable only for high-frequency register connection (tweeter or super tweeter bands). Outer insulation: cotton, dyed with black natural dyes.

The cable has been fitted with tight spring-loaded banana connectors at the both ends. Natural gold plating provides good wear resistance of connectors.

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Specifications and description

Standart length: 2.5 m. The color of cotton braid: black

Optionally available folowing cable length in meters: 3.0 \ 3.5 \ 4.0 \ 5.0

Recommended lengths for better result : from 3.0 to 5.0 m.