Energy Pro A

Power supply cable for AC main ~220-250V~. Designed for connection of premium audio and video equipment, the cable is featured by notable efficiency of power supply cable for digital to analog converters (DACs), sound processors, TVs, video projectors, streamers and other equipment relying on quality power supply to its digital PCB area. Comprises 4 copper multicore conductors (1.5 mm²) braided with cotton under special technology. Materials and special braiding help avoid interferences and noises in AC main 50/60 Hz. Outer cotton coating protects the cable from development of any static charge all along its span. Thick PVC armour has been rated for up to 500 V and secures protection of the cable against external action.

A ground wire has been omitted from the cable on purpose as a result of the comprehensive research findings. Many manufacturers of sound equipment, with digital PCB area in particular, tend to bypass grounding inside their products for the same reasons.

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Specifications and description

Standart length: 1.5 m. The color of cotton braid: black

Optionally available folowing cable length in meters: 2.0 \ 3.0

Maximum load 10 A, cable does not have grounding 

Power plug CEE «Schuko» with protection class IP44. Device plug IEC C15A